Isn’t she cute? This little darling is Keisha, my best friend’s daughter who turned one on March 2nd, 2013. Me and her mother roamed college with all the ups and down, but we managed to stay friends till this day. For her daughter’s birthday, she asked me if I could make the cake, of course I said yes. But then the ideas just blossomed into a whole theme of a party, which is Minnie Mouse, with not just a birthday cake, but also cupcakes, cake in jars, and sugar cookies. Continue reading


apple pie (8)

Drooling yet? So here’s a new update on the life of Cooking DJ. I’ve been away from this blog for such a long time, I miss sharing my daily kitchen activities. But it also means that I’m doing great with my baking/cooking business, yay for me! Anywaay…

A few months ago, Cooking DJ was asked Continue reading


I have a very special relationship with chocolate chip cookies. My first love was Famous Amos double Chocolate Chip cookies. Those ugly black irregular buttons taste like heaven to me. When I grew older, I also love soft baked & chewy cookies, like Mrs. Fields. My journey of finding the recipe for both type of cookies mostly ends unsuccessful. Every recipe I found that says something like, “famous amos cookies clone” or “Mrs. Fields secret recipe!” turned out to be rubbish. None of them were good.

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