• Place your order minimum 4 days before for un-decorated cakes/cupcakes, pastas, and other desserts.
  • Place your order minimum 7 days before for decorated cakes/cupcakes.
  • Decocookies and large orders must be made at minimum 14 days before.
  • Order can be refused due to availability, even when it’s made within the minimum time.
  • Payment must be made / transferred 2 days before (except deco cookies).
  • Cancellation of  order must be made 2 days before (except deco cookies).
  • Any changes of the order must be made 2 days before (except deco cookies).
  • For deco cookies, payment, cancellation, or any changes must be made at least 7 days before.
  • If there is no news / confirmation from you till the stated time above, we will cancel your order.Do not worry, we will sms / tweet/ bbm you to remind you before.
  • All prices exclude delivery charges. Ask for more details.
  • Delivery areas including JABODETABEK by courier.
  • Delivery time is from 10 am – 6 pm Monday – Sunday.
  • pick up time is from 8 am – 9 pm Monday – Sunday (by appointment).



  1. Cooking DJ Order Form
  2. Through one of our contact list below.
  • Read the terms & condition carefully before placing your orders.
  • Tweet / SMS / BBM / email us with these details :

Name :
Address :
Phone number :
Order details : (flavor, quantity, special decoration/topper, etc)
Delivery option : pick up / delivery
Time & date of delivery / pickup :

  • we will reply with the total amount to pay and bank account number.
  • Tweet / SMS / BBM / email us after you transfer the money with the proof (sms / online banking transaction, receipt photo, etc).
  • After we confirmed your payment, we will place your order on the list.
  • Sit tight and your order will arrive at your door steps.



  • @cooking_DJ
  • SMS/WA only 0813 112 99904
  • blackberry PIN by request

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