What are your products?

We have big selections that range from cakes, cupcakes, to variety of desserts, pastas and brownies. Please check our shoppe.

How do I order?

Everything you need to know on how to order, terms and conditons can be read here.

When do I have to pay?

We only accept payment in advance, by using bank transfer after we have a deal on the order details.

Do you accept custom decorations?

Yes, but to be clear, we only accept 2D carving & custom painting decorations for cake/cupcakes using butter cream and paper printables (non-edible).

so, no fondant?

No fondant, except for simple lettering or shapes, and small added details.

Please, pretty please? I saw on your blog post there were some fondant cake?

A blog is our learning process. Yes, we have done experiments and even some order using fondant in the past. But as of now we have decided not to continue using fondant due to many reasons. We are more than happy to give recommendation to where you can order amazing fondant cakes.

how about a 3D figurines?

Because 3D figurines can only be made using fondant, so no, we do not make 3D figurines.

3D cakes?

Hmm… that’s a question that we can only answer by, “do you trust us?”. We have done very little of 3D carving cakes, covered only by butter cream, but it’s not our specialty. we will try our best if it seems doable, but we will decline if it’s out of our expertise. You can check our gallery to be sure 🙂

Are your products halal certified?

We are not halal certified yet, BUT we can happily give your our list of ingredients which is Halal Certified. And ones that has no certificate, we assure you it’s all plant based and no alcohol.

Do you have ready stock items?

No. We only made our products by order, to ensure freshness and nothing goes to waste.

How “healthy” are your products?

We are less sugar, use no preservatives, no MSG, no chemical food additives, very little to almost none of coloring on the base cake / cookies, (except for outer layer of custom decorations and colored royal icing on cookies), no alcohol, and no essence.

But sorry, we do not cater gluten free, dairy free, or sugar free products.

Why is the delivery cost expensive?

Well, we use a third part professional courier service that specialized in food and cakes. we do not determined the price, it is already decided by the courier. And besides, paying a courier service is in exchange of your personal gas money, and the most important thing is, your time. No need to swim through traffic jam.

Can I get a discount?

On normal circumstances, no we do not offer discount. But there’s always the monthly special discount for you to check.

But we’re friends/family/neighbour/celebrity/etc!

Business is business. But you’ll never know, if you’re nice enough, i might give you a discount 🙂

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