Here’s a little story about my childhood. I spent about a year living in Bali at around the age of 3 to 4 years old. At that time, one of the most prominent memory was of me having the most delicious brownies at least once or twice a week. Those brownies were rich, fudgy, decadent, and stuck to your teeth like a clingy teen girl to her very first boyfriend, inseparable. I liked to smile and laugh in front of the mirror with my brownies blackened teeth, enjoying every bite like there’s no tomorrow.

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On these rainy days with heavy rainstorms, I always thinks of a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. Hot chocolate in its own glory is already a winning formula for me,  but add with some marshmallows? Yummy!!

This is my version of a hot chocolate with marshmallow, in cupcake form.

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I have a very special relationship with chocolate chip cookies. My first love was Famous Amos double Chocolate Chip cookies. Those ugly black irregular buttons taste like heaven to me. When I grew older, I also love soft baked & chewy cookies, like Mrs. Fields. My journey of finding the recipe for both type of cookies mostly ends unsuccessful. Every recipe I found that says something like, “famous amos cookies clone” or “Mrs. Fields secret recipe!” turned out to be rubbish. None of them were good.

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