Isn’t she cute? This little darling is Keisha, my best friend’s daughter who turned one on March 2nd, 2013. Me and her mother roamed college with all the ups and down, but we managed to stay friends till this day. For her daughter’s birthday, she asked me if I could make the cake, of course I said yes. But then the ideas just blossomed into a whole theme of a party, which is Minnie Mouse, with not just a birthday cake, but also cupcakes, cake in jars, and sugar cookies. Continue reading


This was made for my customer’s Dad. She wanted to show him that he’s the World’s Greatest Dad. It was hard to carve a perfectly round cake, so I ended up with an almost round one. But not so bad, right? It was covered in sea blue fondant, but the continents and islands were made from green butter cream frosting.

Cake : chocolate oreo cake

Filling : oreo chunks & vanilla butter cream