Continuing on the topic from previous post, the cake trend, Rainbow cake especially has taken Jakarta by storm. Every bakery/baker/home baker wants to get in on it. The price varies from moderate to expensive, which one you pick depends on your budget. Taste wise, most rainbow cakes are just vanilla flavor with butter cream or cream cheese frosting.

I sometimes wants to kick myself for being such a hard headed girl. I could easily just make & sell my own Rainbow cake to join the fanfare, but it just never sits right with me. I despise the use of THAT much food coloring, and if I don’t want to eat it, surely I won’t sell it. Then I came across this lovely cake on the internet, OMBRE CAKE. I read the recipe, and sure, they use food coloring also. But they’re so pretty with all the gradation colors of pink, purple, blue, etc. Then I thought to myself, “hey, if I can make a chocolate velvet cake, why not make ombre without food coloring?”

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So it’s a day after Christmas. I’m still very tired from all the cooking & baking for my customers on christmas week. Dozens of cupcakes, apple pie, lasagna, chocolate tart, muffins, panettones, came out from my kitchen. And what did I get myself into just this morning? Another baking, this time to indulge myself… *sigh* couldn’t stay away from it I guess, I just love it too much.

I roamed my cabinet and found a vanilla cake mix and a box of white chocolate Jello. I almost forgot they exist! Not in the mood to weigh ingredients, I opted to use the quick and easy way, the instant way. But knowing myself, I needed to add some twist. I still have some fresh strawberries & lemons, so decision decision.. What to bake? After some thoughts, I came up with a Strawberry Lemon Cake covered with Lemony White Chocolate Jello as its frosting. Yumm! Continue reading


Tantangan KBB#26 ini sebenarnya telah tuntas dikerjakan pada minggu ketiga di bulan November. Namun nasib berkata lain saat kamera ya digunakan untuk mendokumentasikan proses pembuatan digondol maling. Belum satupun foto yang dipindahkan ke PC. sempat lupa karenan memikirkan kamera tersayang yang hilang, baru ingat harus laporan sama host dan bu ketupink. Lah lah.. apa yang mau dilaporkan, foto pun tak ada. Akhirnya curhat sesaat di milis, mendapat jawaban dari mak Arfi & bu ketupink, YAY, boleh diundur setorannya kalau sempat bikin lagi! Yihaaa..

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