Pizza, who doesn’t love them? I do, a lot!! I really really like the thin crust italian style rather than the thick american pizza hut style, which I thought is an abomination to the original. But I’m not a snob, in the end, it’s pizza for God’s sake! Trough thick and thin, I will always love you dear pizza!

So when I decided to make some myself, the search for thr perfect crust recipe begin. Bleh.. who am I to talk? I just took the 1st pretty looking recipe on the 1st page of google search result, which is this one from

The result? Perfect thin crust that I can eat by itself,  I’m tempted to bake one without even thinking about the topping. Perfect recipe!

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Baking breads were always a bit of too much task, at least for me. I’m not the most patient person in the world, and having to bake something that needs hours of repeat proofing of the dough, let’s just say, it’s not my cup of tea.

But when I do decided to gear up my patient’s mode,

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