Baking breads were always a bit of too much task, at least for me. I’m not the most patient person in the world, and having to bake something that needs hours of repeat proofing of the dough, let’s just say, it’s not my cup of tea.

But when I do decided to gear up my patient’s mode,

regular white bread won’t do. I found the recipe on this website, it seams easy so I decided to try it. I followed the recipe to the exact, with the only exception of adding and extra 50 grams of bran.


Now, the benefits of living in a country with 365 days of sun, proofing dough turned out to be half the task I thought it would be. What said to be 1-2 hours of proofing each to doubled up the size, all I need was only about 30 minutes on each proofing. I ended up proofing the dough 3 times before baking it.





The result visually looked good, though not as puffy as I thought it would be. After I sliced it, I could see that the textur was pretty dense. The recipe said it would be light, but maybe my decision of adding the extra bran was the reason of the denseness. Nonetheless, it tasted pretty good, and after the addition of nutella and blueberry jam, I’m a happy baker (and eater).

Please go check the recipe on the link above as I’m not gonna post it here. It’s not my recipe, and I did nothing to modify it, just that unnecessary add of bran, please just skip that for a lighter texture of the bread.




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