I have a very special relationship with chocolate chip cookies. My first love was Famous Amos double Chocolate Chip cookies. Those ugly black irregular buttons taste like heaven to me. When I grew older, I also love soft baked & chewy cookies, like Mrs. Fields. My journey of finding the recipe for both type of cookies mostly ends unsuccessful. Every recipe I found that says something like, “famous amos cookies clone” or “Mrs. Fields secret recipe!” turned out to be rubbish. None of them were good.

While I have postponed the search for famous amos recipe for now (I will get back to it!), I think I might have found the recipe for Mrs. Fields cookies. The first problem was that the ingredients were made for like a thousand cookies and in cups measurement. I don’t really like using cups measurement when baking cake. So I tried my best to cut the recipe until it needs only 1 egg, and convert everything into grams. I have no idea if what I did is right, crossing fingers.

The first batch I tried was the Chocolate Chip Cookies, as said in the recipe. I cut the dough in 3, and put the 2/3 of it into the fridge, because they said a dough that has been rested for more than 24 hours will taste better. I baked 1/3 of the recipe for 15 minutes. Turned out they were a tad bit too long, but the flavour was great! Yaaay, finally! Not wanting to let go this recipe, I made a second batch, with some improvement, like reducing the sugar amount, and this time with white chocolate & almonds. I baked them for 12 minutes. This time they were better, but still not chewy enough. I love the flavour even more!

The next day, I baked them again, and what they say is true. The cookies tasted even better!! Yaaayy!! After that I went all crazy and made a 3rd & 4th batch, M&M’s & oatmeal raisins. They all turned out good. I couldn’t be happier. Now I have 4 batch of cookie dough in my fridge, ready to be bake whenever I want it. Now, Famous Amos, your turn will be soon!!

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