Today is March 14, jut a regular day to most of us, but for math geeks, it’s a special day to commemorate the number 3.14. Yup, it’s Pi day! I didn’t even know such day existed, but when Mr. Geek contacted me and asked if I could make cupcakes on the 14th with Pi symbol and the number 3,14, i was like, oooh.. there is such day.

So, early morning March 14, I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes, peanut butter frosting, and chocolate butter cream for his cupcakes. Just a simple set, with blue & pink butter cream decoration only.

A little cute fact, he tweeted a challenge, “Is there anyone here geeker and nerdier than I, celebrating the Pi Day with cake?” and got a respond from a friend, “U married to a Pi, how on earth anyone can beat that bro?”

Well, Mrs. Geek name is actually Pi. So they were match made in heaven I suppose. Cute! Here they are, Mr & Mrs Geek celebrating Pi Day by eating my cupcakes.

So, happy Pi Day to all the geeks and nerds out there 🙂

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