It’s a long overdue blog post that should’ve been done on July. 2 of my best friends’ babies had their first birthday party! My gifts to them were my very own fondant cakes. Well, those cakes were my first try ever on fondant.

The first cake was for Carissa, Ayu’s little darling. For this cake, I had to travel by train for 3,5 hours to their home town. It was challenging, so beforehand I decided on a mini cake. A mini two tiers blueberry & chocolate cake it was!

Lo and behold, by the time I arrived there, Ayu asked me to make another cake, a bigger one. Geez mom, can a girl get some rest? But of course I was willingly to do it without any hesitation. After all, her daughter is just as good as my own daughter, until I get one for myself that is :p

So anyway, with limited tools and a trip to baking store to buy the ingredients, I made a bigger two tiers cake. On top of that, we made around 50 mini cupcakes for the guests also. It was a busy day.

But at the end, the birthday girl had fun & seemed to love the cakes. She couldn’t stop eating the cupcakes either. Mission accomplished!

*Nyeng = Carissa’s nickname

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