Pizza, who doesn’t love them? I do, a lot!! I really really like the thin crust italian style rather than the thick american pizza hut style, which I thought is an abomination to the original. But I’m not a snob, in the end, it’s pizza for God’s sake! Trough thick and thin, I will always love you dear pizza!

So when I decided to make some myself, the search for thr perfect crust recipe begin. Bleh.. who am I to talk? I just took the 1st pretty looking recipe on the 1st page of google search result, which is this one from

The result? Perfect thin crust that I can eat by itself,  I’m tempted to bake one without even thinking about the topping. Perfect recipe!

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On these rainy days with heavy rainstorms, I always thinks of a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. Hot chocolate in its own glory is already a winning formula for me,  but add with some marshmallows? Yummy!!

This is my version of a hot chocolate with marshmallow, in cupcake form.

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