In the last few weeks I came across some wonderful blogs that presented gorgeous decorated cookies. Like this one by sweetsugarbelle. OMG! Amazing! I fell in love. I bought cookie cutters whenever I found them. I collected recipes for the cookies & the royal icing. But with my schedule of mostly baking lasagnas & apple pies almost everyday (not that I’m complaining, that’s where most of my income from), I couldn’t find the time to cook/bake anything else.

A few days ago I had to make 40 mini apple pies for a food bazaar, and had some pie dough leftovers I store at the fridge. Why not use them as if they’re cookie dough? I immediately took out my cutters and cut the rolled dough as I pleased. After they’re baked, of course because it’s a pie dough, they expanded and then shrunk into somewhat resembled the original shapes of the cookie cutters. LOL.


But it’s okay really, I love my pie dough, and for now it will do. It’s like practicing before I went all out with real cookies.

For the Royal Icing, you can just google the recipe. It’s quite easy.

Here’s the end result!


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