Are you one of the people that NEVER wins anything? Or the people that got the “arisan” money last? I’m that people, most of the time. So when I joined a quiz in twitter held by @Cupcakes_Co, I had no expectation. A few days later they tweeted me and said that I won!! Yay! I won a dozen of their cupcakes for free, delivered to my door steps. On Wednesday morning, I woke up with a box of lovely cupcakes on my dining table.

left side : Red Velvet, right top : Anti Sleep, right middle : Charlie Brown, Right bottom : Dark Mistress

The problem is, you see… For the past week, I’ve been doing this Blood Type Diet. I’m an O, so my main restrictions are dairy & wheat products. That includes cupcakes! Dayyuuum! What to do, what to do. Of course, how can I refused freebies, right? I decided that wednesday would be my free day of the week. A free day that I could eat anything. It settled then, I’m having my cupcakes!

Let me tell you.. They’re worth the cheating of my diet. They’re delicious!! I’m not proud to say it, but in one day I ate 4 cupcakes. Yup.. 4!! They sent me 4 flavours : Red Velvet, Charlie Brown, Dark Mistress, and Anti Sleep. I tasted all of them each in one day. I couldn’t pick my favorite because they’re all good. But if I must, I would pick Charlie Brown. It’s a chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting. Delicious!!! My second best is Dark Mistress, a dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. They have many other flavors, and I’m dying to try Shocking Taro and Intoxicated. Their cakes are moist & scrumptious, and the frostings are divine! And they’re not cheap with the amount of frosting. Just perfect!

Hey, I myself bake & sale cupcakes for fun. While I done a different kind of butter cream (mine more fluffy), theirs are really nice as well. What they’re doing is serious business. Great presentation (neater than mine, because I like the messy kind of frosting better), nice looking packaging, cute names, and very affordable. So I guess when I’m not in the mood to bake myself, I have found a place to order my batch of sinful delights.

So, in conclusion.. What are you waiting for? Go order your batch of cupcakes. Visit their website for more info. This come from a fellow baker, if you’re not ordering mine, order theirs. Cheers!

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