So it’s a day after Christmas. I’m still very tired from all the cooking & baking for my customers on christmas week. Dozens of cupcakes, apple pie, lasagna, chocolate tart, muffins, panettones, came out from my kitchen. And what did I get myself into just this morning? Another baking, this time to indulge myself… *sigh* couldn’t stay away from it I guess, I just love it too much.

I roamed my cabinet and found a vanilla cake mix and a box of white chocolate Jello. I almost forgot they exist! Not in the mood to weigh ingredients, I opted to use the quick and easy way, the instant way. But knowing myself, I needed to add some twist. I still have some fresh strawberries & lemons, so decision decision.. What to bake? After some thoughts, I came up with a Strawberry Lemon Cake covered with Lemony White Chocolate Jello as its frosting. Yumm! Continue reading


Yesterday I saw a lovely picture of my cousin’s cupcakes, which is a tie dye vanilla cupcakes. Being me, I wanted to try as well. I looked up at my cabinet and saw blue, pink, yellow, and purple food coloring. Yay!
Now, as much as I love a good vanilla cake, I wanted to try something different. Again, I raided my cabinet and found a lemon essence. Why not make a lemon vanilla cake? It’s psychedelically good!!

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