I’m not a big fan of fondant cover cake, and I don’t have the skill to decorate it perfectly. But some people really likes fondant and they don’t mind my mediocre attempt on making a fondant cake. I always keep it simple,  sticking to only 2D decoration, not that I’m able to do a 3D one anyway. Except for that Lingerie Cake, it was, to date, my most difficult one. Anywaaay.. back to the post. These are the round up of my Fondant Cakes that haven’t got the time to be posted, posted.

flower & bees (and a ladybug)

This was a cake for my best friend’s 1st birthday party. It was my gift to her, and so glad she liked it. She even preferred this one to the high-end bakery fondant cake that my friend ordered. Hah!

cake : vanilla & chocolate cake

filling : peanut butter & chocolate ganache


Saengil Chuka Hamnida!

This was a cake ordered by my friend for his little sister who’s crazy for Korean culture. He wanted the cake to be Korean themed and left everything on my hand for the design. His only request was he wanted it to be tie dye cake filling. So I made this with the idea of a Korean traditional drum, with colorful stripes on the side. on the top was a Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and a Korean fan. I added the tree with the flowers that ran from the cake side.

cake : lemon tye dye cake

filling : vanilla buttercream


This one is for my friend’s sister. She requested an oreo cake with oreo chunks and vanilla butter cream. Her sister loves cat, and requested for a black cat silhouette. The green was also her request, but I made the shade a bit Halloween-like. I’m not satisfied with this cake, because it was such a hot day, and I couldn’t cover the cake neatly. There were lots of bad spots and it wasn’t smooth. But on the bright side, I put extra chunks of oreo inside. Yumm!

cake : oreo cake

filling : oreo & vanilla buttercream

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