Chocolate and hazelnut are the perfect marriage made in heaven. Everybody loves them!! I think it’s one of the best selling flavor in the dessert world, resulting in the extremely globally amazingly popular *drum rolls* nutella.

Now tell me… who doesn’t love nutella? Anyone? I’m tempted to raise a hand, just because how I think the American/Australian made Nutella is way waaayy below the heavenly quality of European Nutella. But sadly here in Indonesia, we can only, for most of the time, get our hands on the Australian ones. That’s why for this recipe, I added lots of chopped toasted hazelnut for the very much needed flavor.

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I LOVE NUTELLA! There, I’ve said it. Nutella is heaven on earth, the ambrosia, food of the Gods, the one last thing you want to taste before the apocalypse, the one you love more than your boyfriend, and if I’m dead, I want to be buried in a giant jar of nutella. I think it’s time for my first love to meet my second one, cream cheese frosting.

drooling yet?

The combination of the cream cheese sourness with the amazing chocolatey hazelnut spread, and the soft choux pastry, ugh.. out of this world!

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