I like red velvet cake. I do. I love the hint of sourness, the smooth fluffy chocolatey cake, and of course the cream cheese icing. Ah, heaven! But sometimes I’m a bit icky with food coloring. For the past year, I vow to to be au naturale with my product. That means no preservatives (never use it anyway), fresh ingredients (mandatory!), and of course very little to none of food coloring (that means bye bye tye die muffin & cake in my menu list). The only time I use food coloring is for coloring fondant or butter cream for a themed cake, but never the cake batter.

It’s been hard, since the cake trend here in Jakarta right now is still Red Velvet and now adding the Rainbow cake. I get soooo many request of RV & rainbow, but I stick to my vow, and refuse the requests. I know, maybe I’m just stupid for rejecting orders, which means money. But I stand still to my decision, au naturale it is!

Back to red velvet, reading the recipe, a realization came (d-uh), I can still have the velvety taste without using the coloring. Red velvet without the red, well.. It’s basically just chocolate cake. Chocolate Velvet cake. Yay!

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Dutch croquette or kroket belanda is a delicious old time delicacy. Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. With homemade cheese and big chunks of beef 🙂

Some of the rockin’ reviews I love :

” Sooo good! It’s like a giant bitterballen. Nom nom nom..” – Anin Maharani

“For the love of God, they’re sooo good! I love you even more now,” – Juda

Wanna join them in pleasure? Go to SALES CORNER for the price and how to order.

KBB#24: Rich Chocolate Tart

Setelah cukup lama menunggu, akhirnya saya mendapat lampu hijau untuk mengikuti tantangan Klub Berani Baking. Sebagai calon anggota baru yang harus di ospek dulu, saya diwajibkan untuk ikut 2 tantangan berturut2 tanpa terpotong. awalnya sih santai.. pasti bisa. eeeh ternyata sampai waktunya mepet banget baru sempat bikin. phew.. pas sudah selesai rasanya lega banget. Jadiii.. di bawah ini kumpulan foto dari pelaksanaan tantangan, dan nanti di paling bawah resepnya.

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