Isn’t she cute? This little darling is Keisha, my best friend’s daughter who turned one on March 2nd, 2013. Me and her mother roamed college with all the ups and down, but we managed to stay friends till this day. For her daughter’s birthday, she asked me if I could make the cake, of course I said yes. But then the ideas just blossomed into a whole theme of a party, which is Minnie Mouse, with not just a birthday cake, but also cupcakes, cake in jars, and sugar cookies. Continue reading


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Drooling yet? So here’s a new update on the life of Cooking DJ. I’ve been away from this blog for such a long time, I miss sharing my daily kitchen activities. But it also means that I’m doing great with my baking/cooking business, yay for me! Anywaay…

A few months ago, Cooking DJ was asked Continue reading


I like red velvet cake. I do. I love the hint of sourness, the smooth fluffy chocolatey cake, and of course the cream cheese icing. Ah, heaven! But sometimes I’m a bit icky with food coloring. For the past year, I vow to to be au naturale with my product. That means no preservatives (never use it anyway), fresh ingredients (mandatory!), and of course very little to none of food coloring (that means bye bye tye die muffin & cake in my menu list). The only time I use food coloring is for coloring fondant or butter cream for a themed cake, but never the cake batter.

It’s been hard, since the cake trend here in Jakarta right now is still Red Velvet and now adding the Rainbow cake. I get soooo many request of RV & rainbow, but I stick to my vow, and refuse the requests. I know, maybe I’m just stupid for rejecting orders, which means money. But I stand still to my decision, au naturale it is!

Back to red velvet, reading the recipe, a realization came (d-uh), I can still have the velvety taste without using the coloring. Red velvet without the red, well.. It’s basically just chocolate cake. Chocolate Velvet cake. Yay!

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